Tuesday, November 27, 2007

History Of The Company (400 Education)

The 400 Education Center was founded in 2003 as Strategic Business Unit from PT Mitra Global Sejahtera.

The 400 Education Center has always viewed training and education for IBM AS/400 iSeries, IT Management, Microsoft, Oracle, LINUX as an integral part of its business strategy. The company conducts regular technical and professional event and courses to its customers.

The organization's initial mission was to provide education, training and consulting services to organizations that needed and improve their knowledge and resources. Our methodology produced significant successes. As our services, increasing numbers of clients asked us to teach their internal people the computing knowledge.

To respond to this client need, our senior staff wrote training books and developed hands-on training using the same mentoring techniques we used to develop professional firm.

Our business is now composed of equal parts of training and consulting. All our professional staff members are involved in both aspects of the business which ensures that we retain a strong practical orientation to the practice.

The 400 Education Center has qualified trainers and senior consultants, with hands on experienced from multi-national and high technology services companies for more 10 years in computing knowledge.

Testimonial from Customers :

“Hands-on training, step by step, the knowledge will help me to work on AS/400” Bank Lippo – AS/400 System Operation Fundamental class

“It’s very useful for beginners in producing simple reports” Bank Akita – AS/400 Query class

“Conducive environment to learn, Materials easy to understand” Bank Lippo – In-house AS/400 - IT Development Program

“Full hands-on practice and teacher guides all the way through...” Bank Bumiputera – AS/400 System Operation Advance

“…increasing my skill full ...” Bank Bukopin - RPG/400 Fundamental

“Concept, advise, tips and trick to Auditing AS/400 to help my job” Bank Mizuho– AS/400 Security and Auditing

For further information contact to Sofi or Yuli at 021-65865922/23 ..

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